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How to install Acoustalay 250 DPM O/Lap

29th August 2012
Ensure floor is clean and flat (a flat sub-floor means deviations of less than 2mm over 2.5m).  Unroll at 90º to direction of the floor, covering area to be laid.To assist laying, apply double sided tape to the perimeter of the sub-floor.
The first row of Acoustalay should be laid with the DPM overlap up the wall trimmed back to 20mm (minimum).  Butt the next row of Acoustalay tightly against the first, overlapping the 200mm DPM overlap and using the integral adhesive strip (recommended for a complete seal).  All rows, including the last, should be laid with a minimum of 20mm up the wall.  this will be concealed behind the new of refitted skirting once the floor is laid.  If original skirting is not removed then lay the Acoustalay 20mm up the skirting and conceal with appropriate scotia/trim.
Lay the flooring on top of the Acoustalay, referring to the manufacturer's instructions.


The instructions seem pretty clear to me that the foam side should be to the floor. I told my installer to follow the instructions and left him to it. I later found he'd laid the DPM to the floor (seams are taped). Does this present an issue?

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