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How to install Acoustalay Slatted

20th August 2012
fitting slatted 1

For installation of Acoustalay 250 Slatted, Acoustalay 300+ Slatted and Acoustalay 1000 Slatted

This system is designed for accurately cut 'tongue and groove' boards (min: 3x3mm) with a minimum board size of 300x50x12mm and a maximum board thickness of 28mm.

Ensure floor is clean and flat (a flat sub-floor means deviations of less than 2mm over 2.5m).  Simply unroll on to a prepared sub-floor with the precut slots perpendicular to the length of the wood.  Place together edge to edge.  Do not overlap.  To assist laying, apply double-sided tape to the perimeter of the sub-floor and tape the joints between each row.

fitting slatted 2a Apply a high strength elastic adhesive at a width of 8mm and a height of 8mm in to all pre-cut slots to form a secure bond between wood boards and sub-floor. The nozzle should be held vertically to the substrate.
fitting slatted 3 Remember to leave expansion gaps in accordance with floor fitting instructions. It is important that the first row is laid completely straight. Do not assume the wall is straight. Position wood boards carefully and firmly and press in to the adhesive until they lay taut to the previous row. The wood boards can then be positioned using a hammer and an impact block. Continue until the floor area is covered.


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