Acoustalay 250 Slatted Mini
10 year protection guaranteed Fully tested and certified

Acoustalay 250 Slatted Mini



Type Fixed
Typical Use Bedroom, Spare Room, Living Room
Dimensions 16.5m x 1m x 3mm
Max Load Domestic/commercial 2.5 kPa 250 kg/m2
Compressive Strength 28 Kpa 2800 kg/m2
Spot Levelling 2.7mm
Thermal Insulation Medium 0.090m2K/W
Underfloor Heating Embedded
Vapour Barrier (Moisture) No
In-room Sound Quality ★★★ 3 Star
Transmitted Sound Reduction ★★ 2 Star 16dB 'Estimated value from know test results'


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16.5m2 roll of 3mm slatted, high quality, fire retardant, cross-linked polyolefin foam underlay ideally suited to domestic applications with typical installations including bedrooms, spare rooms and living rooms.

Enables floor to be glued directly to the sub-floor. The precut slots ensure minimum adhesive is used, while Acoustalay provides for perfect spot levelling.

Suitable for use with sub-floor embedded underfloor heating.

(Operating temperature -50ºC to 100ºC)

Always read and follow the guidelines supplied with the floor, underfloor heating system and adhesive to be fitted.

Acoustalay should be used as an insulating/spot levelling layer between the floor to be laid and the sub-floor.

This system is designed for accurately cut 'tongue and groove' boards (min: 3x3mm) with a minimum board size of 300x50x12mm and a maximum board thickness of 28mm.

If laid on a concrete sub-floor a separate vapour barrier should be used.


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