10 Year Guarantee

Produced from a unique formula, Acoustalay® offers a complete, fully tested and certified range, meeting industry standards exactly. With a 10 year guarantee Acoustalay® gives you underlay matched to your needs from domestic to extra heavy commercial grades. With products developed for acoustically sensitive areas and for use with underfloor heating and with vapour or DPM barriers, Acoustalay® will meet the specific needs of your installation.
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Spot levelling

All underlay must provide a minimum of 1.5mm layer between the floor and the sub-floor for spot levelling.
Acoustalay is tested so when the appropriate grade is selected for the correct application, compression is minimised with no more that 10% thickness loss over a period of 10 years when under load.  This gives a minimum of 1.8mm protection between the floor and the subfloor ensuring spot levelling for the life of the floor.
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Joint Protection

Underlay must not deflect by more than 0.5mm to protect the joints from premature wear.
Acoustalay is fully tested and will take a force of a minimum of 20kPa - equal to 2 tonnes - on the joint without exceeding the 0.5mm limit.

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