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How to install Acoustalay Adhesive+

15th May 2013
Installation temperature: 5°C to 50°C

1. Ensure the floor is clean and flat. A flat sub-floor means deviations of less than 2mm over 2.5m.

2. Unroll at 90° to the direction of the floor.

3. The first row of ACOUSTALAY should be laid starting on the left hand side of the room, with the release liner facing upward and vapour barrier facing downward.

4. Each row of ACOUSTALAY should be measured to allow approximately one board width plus 100mm extra length up the wall at the leading edge.

5. All rows, including the last should be laid with a minimum of 20mm of ACOUSTALAY up all room edges. (Any surplus can be trimmed flush to the floor when installation is complete and concealed with appropriate scotia/trim)*

6. The second row of ACOUSTALAY should be laid over the under-lapping vapour barrier so that the foam is flush to the previous row (do not overlap the foam). Once in place carefully remove the protective tape from the adhesive strip to secure the ACOUSTALAY in position.

7. Peel back the release liner from the adhesive on the extra length measured at the leading edge of all rows of ACOUSTALAY (mentioned in point 4 above).

Leaving the liner intact, trim the underlay only, leaving a minimum of 20mm of underlay up the wall to form the vapour barrier. (Any surplus can be trimmed back once the installation is complete).

Replace the liner to cover all exposed adhesive to ensure no contact is made with the flooring before intended.

NB: As spare liner becomes available during the installation it can be re-applied to any off-cut pieces of foam, which can be retained for later use.

8. Fold the extra length of the liner down onto the newly trimmed rows (without exposing the adhesive), giving a double layer of liner onto which the first row of boards can be laid.

9. Remember to leave expansion gaps in accordance with floor fitting instructions. It is important that the first row is laid completely straight (do not assume the wall is straight).

Carefully position the first row of boards. For engineered flooring add a couple of spots of wood glue to the board ends (optional) because of light expansion – not necessary for solid wood flooring.

10. Once the first row is positioned, a portion of the liner will still be visible. Grip this and gently pull back from under the boards, while retaining pressure on the flooring to keep it in place.
CAUTION: Once the floor contacts the adhesive it will not be possible to re-adjust its position.

11. For ease of installation ensure that the release liner remains underneath the last fitted row. If pulled too far at any stage simply press carefully back into place, so that no adhesive is exposed.

12. Install further rows by laying the flooring on top of the folded liner and, once in position, pull back the liner from the ACOUSTALAY row by row.

13. Trim back all exposed ACOUSTALAY flush to the floor and fit trim/scotia.*

*Where new skirting is to be fitted, lay the ACOUSTALAY 50mm up the walls on all room edges and conceal with newly fitted skirting.


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